Friday, 11 April 2014

#160. 100 Happy Days Week 10

Monday, Day 64
I am now completely and utterly hooked on Girls. It's so funny and makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it. I'm a bit in love with Lena Durham! 

Tuesday, Day 65
It was such a nice day and two of our favourite people, Clair and Nick, were coming around for dinner. So, as you do in Scotland in March we decided to have a BBQ! The man in sainsburys couldn't believe it when we asked if they had any disposable bbqs. We set up a table and some blankets and cushions out on our wee patio and a tonne of candles in pretty jars and set the food cooking while we sat and chatted and drunk wine. It almost didn't feel like Scotland. When the food was ready, it was starting to get chilly so we headed back inside. It was fun while it lasted! 

Wednesday, Day 66
Date night! Robin and I went to see Singing in the Rain which was amazing! The film is one of my favourite movies so the show had a lot to live up to and it did.  It actually rained onstage and the singing and choreography were incredible. We loved it and I found it hard not to sing along. 

Thursday, Day 67
I went along to Bold Souls Off the Catwalk with the lovely Iona and keleigh at Hummingbird, Glasgow as press with Betty and Bee. This fashion show showcases some of Glasgows best young independent designers such as Naromode.... The designers also had their designs showcased in a marketplace during the night so if you fancied anything, you could buy it there and then. I fell in love with some enchanted forest leggings from Angel Pixie Love that I will definitely be buying come payday. 

Friday, Day 68
I was home on Friday night and that means my beautiful wee mums home cooking. We had carbonara which is a family favourite and my mum hadn't made it in ages, so it was delicious and brought back lovely memories of being wee. 

Saturday, Day 69
Great day. I went to help my wee cousin Jenny choose flowers for her wedding in July and we then headed into town to Cocktail and Burger for food, drinks and a catchup. Later on I headed back through to Glasgow and had a fab night with my Scottish blogger pals to celebrate the lovely Lynne's birthday and engagement! We went bowling and for drinks - such a fun evening. 

Sunday, Day 70
Robin was away in Cardiff for the rugby so I had the house to myself on Sunday, so chilled out, had a long lie and caught up with some blogs. Come evening I fell in love with this beautiful Edinburgh sunset from the window of our new home and when robin was back heard all about his trip and visit to Barry Island - he brought me back some prezzies as both of us LOVE Gavin and Stacey! 

How are your 100 Happy Days going? The time seems to be passing so quickly!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

#159. Sticky 9 magnets giveaway

Hiya pals! There's still time to enter my Sticky9 (formally Sticky Gram) magnet giveaway. Two lucky people will win a packet of 9 magnets each with their Instagram photos on, to display on their fridge, toaster, kettle...wherever! They also make great gifts! 

Full details on how to enter are here.