Wednesday, 30 July 2014

#172. Making like Grease lightning

A few weekends back, I had 2 hen parties in a weekend which was pretty intense and afterwards I was shattered. My wee cousins hen do was on the Saturday night and was a 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s theme in Glasgow so the options for costumes were endless. As I love dressing up, I was really looking forward to thinking about what to wear and my family really gets into dressing up too, so knew it would be a fun night.

I really like the fashion and style of the 50s, so thought this was as good an opportunity as any to try something new. My pal in work, Christie had this beautiful dress from Vivienne of Holloway that she very kindly let me borrow and now I have had it on, I'm completely hooked and really want one of my own, I would wear it everywhere and to any occasion I could.

The top of the dress is halterneck and boned, so is very tight fitting and flattering with the skirt coming to mid calf but shortens when you add the underskirt underneath. You could wear it with our without the underskirt depending on the look you were going for. The material is cotton so is very comfy and is quite cool which is perfect after lots of energetic dancing and swishing with the skirt. The skirt completely flares out beautifully when you twirl as you can see from the pictures, that is is so hard not to spend the whole night twirling and ruffling the skirt. After a few drinks at the hen, this was all me and my cousin were doing, as she was also dressed in 1950s costume. You can't help but smile in a skirt like this.

I had asked another pal in work for some advise on hair for the 50's and she sent me off with hot rollers, curling spray and a really good youtube tutorial, which I followed as best I could. Unfortunately as my hair has a reputation being difficult, it was lovely and curly for a whole hour before becoming poker straight again. Oh well, I tried!

I paired the dress with my beloved Vivienne Westwood shoes. I am so glad I found these in the sale as they have been the best high heels I have bought in ages. They are jelly shoes and are so comfy, not to mention uber pretty obviously. All the Viviennes in this post huh?

The party was great fun and everyone was complimenting Christie's dress. Most of my family went for 70s dressing up (like my wee mum in the picture above) which was so funny to see and everyone had a great time dancing to the DJ with all the hits from the era that we were dressed as. I'm from a big family, my mum is one of 14 and we don't often have the chance to all get together, so this was amazing for all the girls to hang out and spend a whole evening together and complete carnage ensued. I wouldn't change any of them for the world and am so lucky to be so close to all of them, even though there are so many of us.

I really did love this dress and want to buy my own one sometime soon. They do similar ones at Lady Jojos in the Grassmarket in Edinburgh, so I will be paying a visit there very soon me thinks. 

Do you like 1950s fashion? Been to any hen parties recently?

Monday, 28 July 2014

#171. 100 Happy Days Week 13

Man! It's been ages since I updated on my 100 Happy days, even though I finished it over 3 months ago now. Oooops, doesn't time fly. But I kinda want to finish the series on the blog, seeing as I started it and really enjoyed doing it. So here we go, week 13, nice and chilled!

Monday - Day 85
A bit of a slow chilled start to week 13 as I was off work not feeling great, but I do love these little chocolate yogurts that Robin bought me to make me feel better. What a keeper.

Tuesday - Day 86
I took a bath with a new lush bath bomb and had some chilled me time. Perfect.

Wednesday - Day 87
I came into work to find that my work friend Ewan had added a little something to Robin and I's picture, which made me laugh a lot. I think he suits a tash! When I got home, Robin had surprised me with Frozen and some ice cream, probably as I was going on about it so much. Such a great movie, funny with amazing songs. I love it!

Thursday - Day 88
I bought Grazia for a wee bedtime read which was a treat. I used to buy it all the time but stopped after finding that all the clothes featured were beautiful, but I could never have afforded any of them. So I bought it for some window shopping - puuurty!

Friday - Day 89
After a long working day, coming back to this face always makes me happy. A nice chilled Friday evening.

Saturday - Day 90
We went to Glasgow for my Dad's birthday and I wore my new favourite combo of my patterned scuba trousers and ruby ruby slippers. We went for a bit of lunch, watched the Grand National and had a few drinks - all of us were definitely quite tipsy on the journey home.

Sunday - Day 91
Our wee home is really starting to come together and we spend Sunday doing some DIY and getting our favorite pictures on the wall. We picked up these old posters in Memphis when we were on holiday in the States last year - I really want to go back to Memphis!

Only 1 more week to go!